This past summer a neighbor asked if I could step in and take portraits of their family and their 6-month old child.  Now to say that babies are not my thing is not true.  I love babies to death, though they are a conundrum of emotions that one simply can’t direct and it requires loads of patience and an eye for detail.  To say that I prefer to stay out of cliché or the images that are simply overdone and become almost formula-based these days is an understatement.  So… here I am, asked to do this shoot and I ask myself, “How can I make it both meaningful and endearing…?”

To that end the logical response was to apply my artistic vision to how I viewed babies.  Emotional, questioning, seeking, seeing the world through a whole new and unexplored vantage – one that we could never in a million years recapture.  To do this I let the baby do what babies do best, play, have fun, make up their own rules and choose what they want, and when they want.  I then took a page from Henri Cartier-Bresson and waited the long hours for the decisive moment when all clicked into place.  Four hours later and I think I came approached my moment of zen.

I hope you enjoy this short yet enjoyable time that I spent with this family.  To say that I relish the time spent is an understatement.  My one true wish is that they enjoy the images as much as I had in creating them.

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